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beautiful photos are not a luxury

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How many times have you shown a colleague or friend or family member a photo you took on your phone and paraphrased it with “phone photo isn’t great”?

Is that how you want your memories to be?

Because, let’s face it, these photos become our memories, or at least they form a part of our memories.

Two photos of my dog. The one on the right hangs on my wall, the other; lost in the camera roll.

I’m not saying you can’t make great photos with your phone, of course you can. I have.

I have many photos from my travels on my phone, but we all look at our travel photos differently to the things we see change and grow everyday.

Beautiful photographs of yourself, your children, your pets; your family, do not have to be a luxury item. They’re an investment!
An investment in your future, from a time you can’t get back.

In devastating tragedies like fires, the first and sometimes only things that people are able to take with them are their photos. What does that tell you about the value of photography?
Perhaps it is worth investing in.

Invest in your memories.

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